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Male user, 12 Week Review

I have waited until week 12 to give a comprehensive review for both the SmoothSkin Bare and the SmoothSkin Muse, because the company state that you will see the results at the 12-week mark, so this review tells it how it is! First off then, I am a man and I have been targeting the chest, back, upper arms and testicle areas for laser hair removal. I have always wanted to have a smooth chest, but my experience with hair removal is terrible. I have white skin and dark hair (ideal for this in theory). I wasn’t a complete yeti but I had a lot of hair on the chest, not so much on the back and upper arm hair was just annoying bits. In the past I’ve tried shaving (awful, just grows back the very next day), waxing – NEVER AGAIN – not for the pain, but the reaction I had from it was absolutely awful and looked terrible. I tried hair removal cream (allergic!) and the only thing I found that worked was a natural hair removal cream from Sri Lanka without chemicals in it but that soon ran out and in any case, it grew back quickly. So for many years I resigned myself to just trimming my hair. I didn’t believe that laser hair removal would work and it was expensive, but bit by bit I saved up Boots points until years later I actually had enough to buy the SmoothSkin Bare with my points. I had such low expectations for the product that buying it with points and feeling as if it were ‘free’ was ok for me to give it a go because then if it didn’t work I wouldn’t feel like I’d wasted my money. And so I set off with week one…. WEEK 1-3 Expecting ingrown hairs, I purchased ‘Skin Doctor Ingrow Go’ ready for the process and used it regularly. I can tell you that you won’t see much of a change in weeks 1-3 but I used it every Saturday. The SS Bare is so fast! It doesn’t take any time at all to go all over and you can treat each area up to 3 times, which I did. They don’t recommend use on genitals but it didn’t hurt and I’ve had no problems with either system. WEEK 4 Nightmare!!!!! By week 4 it had started to work. Why is this a nightmare I hear you ask? Well, I had such a bad outbreak of ingrown hairs that it was a serious mess and I mean really bad. So bad in fact that it has caused a small permanent red mark in the middle of my chest which still remains now at week 12. I contacted customer care with the photographs and because of its severity they allowed me to exchange my SmoothSkin bare for the SmoothSkin Muse as it was more powerful and will last up to a month, therefore not needing to go through that every week. I cannot fault the customer service I received from them, they were fantastic but the reason for my 4 star review rather than 5 is because, due to the use of the product I have this permanent mark and it has caused a couple of very small dark patches on my skin too, though nothing really to worry about. WEEK 5-12 Now with the SmoothSkin Muse, you can only treat each area once because it’s more powerful and I like the fact that it’s still got unlimited flashes, that’s great! I can tell you that compared to the SS Bare, the Muse is MUCH slower to go over areas, almost frustratingly so but I don’t think I would have felt like this had I not used the Bare first because, really we are talking about maybe just over a second between flashes with the Muse, whereas the Bare was just like flash, flash, flash. Boy did I notice a difference from week 5 onwards!!! This product really does work. Week by week I noticed less and less hair. In fact by week 6 the lower half of my chest no longer grew hairs and now that I am on week 12 there was practically nothing at all to shave, it’s crazy! What I see are a few tiny lighter hairs that come through but hardly any of them. I still get a few red bumps with ingrown hairs but nothing like at week 4 and they go away pretty fast. From week 11-12 I thought “I’m not actually going to need to do it this week” – bearing in mind that before this product if I had shaved it would have been an every day affair and with stubble by the evening. I now have smooth in all the places I used the product on. The Muse has light sensors to deliver the right amount of power and this is a good safety feature. I noticed on the testicles with darker skin that sometimes it would refuse to flash. I think the only temptation with this device is to keep going haha! I could quite easily have started on my legs with the success I was having but fortunately my other half made me consider looking like a man was probably the best option, leave the legs alone so I’ve kept it with just those areas! I would highly recommend this product. I am someone who hair removal was a nightmare for. I grow lots of body hair and am sensitive to most things when it comes to removal. This product works, full stop. I cannot believe how much it has exceeded my expectations.

Matthew - 36

Highly recommended by a friend!

Just tried out my new SmoothSkin Muse which I bought after seeing a friend’s results from her Smoothskin. The device is very sleek and easy to use. I didn’t really experience any discomfort when using it apart from a vague sort of pin prick sensation in bony areas. There is a gentle mode but I didn’t feel the need to try it. I was expecting some kind of redness afterwards but there was nothing. I have dark hairy legs which need regular shaving; I’m hoping the results will be as good as my friends. Will keep you updated.

Julia - 47

How Easy Was That?!

I tried out my SmoothSkin Muse on the weekend and can’t believe how easy and quick it was to use. Having only used it just this weekend I will update my review a little later on when I start to see the results! The Smoothskin Muse itself comes in a sleek box with really sophisticated packaging, and looks the business. The treatment itself, was not painful but you could feel a pinch, I suppose that shows it must be working. I would certainly say in comparison to waxing or epilating that Smoothskin was more or less pain free and way more comfortable to use. I can't exclaim how easy , hygienic and quite pleasant Smoothskin was to use. It is reassuring to know that there is also a gentle mode. I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few weeks!

Philippa Coulson - 42

Fantastic new addition to the SmoothSkin family!

I've been a fan of the SmoothSkin Bare for a while now because it's made hair removal such a breeze. Now I'm in love with the Muse - it looks even more sophisticated and makes it so easy to start prepping for summer now!

Laura - 24

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